Maya Vik

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Photo by Ole Martin Halvorsen
by Desiree Mattsson <3
Photo by Desiree Mattsson.

Photo by Ole Martin Halvorsen.


Radio rip – Lorentz cover – «Allt Från Mig» live 2. sept 2014 @ Christine, NRK P3. Remix prod. Funkin Matt, Basmo & Chris Lie.

Photo by Solveig Selj <3 
Make-up by Miriam Robstad <3
Photo: Pål Laukli

(Source: Spotify)

Screen shot from upcoming video <3 by Hinda Fahre.
Fighter! Photo by Pål Laukli, Makeup by Trude Mokkelbost, Hair by André Auster/Torunn Raunedokken 

Fighter - Single av Maya Vik

Scandinavia!! If you’re a fighter, or not… you can right now, without a fight, get your copy of “Fighter” on the world wide scando fighterweb! #fighter#itunes #fightinavia 

Totally Chillin’ #totallyright #lanvin Hinda Fahre - Jonas Øren - Pauline Naerholm <3