Maya Vik

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Radio rip – Lorentz cover – «Allt Från Mig» live 2. sept 2014 @ Christine, NRK P3. Remix prod. Funkin Matt, Basmo & Chris Lie.

Photo by Solveig Selj <3 
Make-up by Miriam Robstad <3
Photo: Pål Laukli

(Source: Spotify)

Screen shot from upcoming video <3 by Hinda Fahre.
Fighter! Photo by Pål Laukli, Makeup by Trude Mokkelbost, Hair by André Auster/Torunn Raunedokken 

Fighter - Single av Maya Vik

Scandinavia!! If you’re a fighter, or not… you can right now, without a fight, get your copy of “Fighter” on the world wide scando fighterweb! #fighter#itunes #fightinavia 

Totally Chillin’ #totallyright #lanvin Hinda Fahre - Jonas Øren - Pauline Naerholm <3
Totally Right = Acne Studios <3 

Cover of the 1987 Mason track, from the album Livin’ On The Edge.
Written by Tony Mason and Tré Mason.
Produced by Øyvind Holmboe Basmo (Basmo Family). Bass and vocals by Maya Vik. Additional keyboards by Haakon-Marius Pettersen.

Editorial in Bones Magazine <3 Shot in NYC by Hinda Fahre, hair/makeup by Tomas Erdis & styled by Salima Breie Jobarteh!

Photo by Jason Kim 4 Mykromag &lt;3
Photo by Jason Kim 4 Mykromag &lt;3